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Key Features

In order to offer the best possible service we give users a wide variety of features.
Use the tabs to view more detailed feature information within each section:

  • Create Topics Each topic could be thought of as a conversation. It's a collection of replies from multiple members about a particular subject.
  • Interactive Posting Interface
    • Full text formatting Bold, Underline, Italic, Font-Size, Color, Font-Family, Alignment…
    • Upload / Insert Images & Smilies Smile
    • Embed Youtube Videos
    • Embed Tables
    • Insert Hyperlinks
    • Post Code Snippets
    • via UBBC Tags
    • Spell Checker
    • Message Recovery
  • Quick Reply Ideal for posting short responses, this reply form can appear at the bottom of every page of a topic. It enables the user to post a response in just a few mouse clicks while still giving them all the same formatting control.
  • Create Polls Polls are an extension of regular topics. They just allow members to have their views shown quantitively.
    • Vote for Multiple Options
    • Hide Results
    • Show Voters
    • Modify Poll
    • Preview Poll (To check for any mistakes before creating it)
  • Member Only Areas You have complete control over who can access your message board and what they can do in each board. There is even a set of overview pages which gives you an "at-a-glace" view of the current permissions.
    • Limit Category Access
    • Limit Board Access
    • Limit by Post Count
    • Limit by Member Group
  • Printable Topic View Each topic can be viewed as a plain page without excess formatting - ideal for printing or downloading.
  • RSS Feeds for Boards & Topics Each board and topic has its' own RSS feed which anyone can subscribe to in order to keep up to date.
  • Information Center Fully customizable information center giving quick access to information about your message board
    • Online Now
    • Online Today
    • Member Birthdays
    • Forum Statistics
    • Fully Templatable

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