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Key Features

In order to offer the best possible service we give users a wide variety of features.
Use the tabs to view more detailed feature information within each section:

  • Forum Design Every aspect of your message board can be customized to suit you. This ranges from changing the base colors, uploading new buttons and icons, changing the HTML templates or using Javascript codes
  • Forum Hierarchy You can control the entire structure of your message board with categories, boards and sub-boards to an unlimited level. The structure can then be rearranged at any time.
    • Manage Categories
    • Reorder Categories
    • Manage Boards
    • Create Sub Boards
    • Reorder Boards
    • Move Boards
  • Censored Words If your forum is targeted at a family audience you can use our word censors which filter out any profanity. What this does is when a message or signature contains any words on your censored words list it replaces it with a nicer alternative.
  • Email All Members You can send out emails to all members who have opted to receive them. You can also send out private messages to all members.
  • Forum News There are 3 types of news box which can easily be added to your forum home page. There are either a static table, a scrolling box or a fading effect.
  • Ban Members You can ban a members username, an email address or an IP address from being able to access your forum. You can also use "wildcard" bans which bans a wider range.
  • Warning System Members can be given percentage warnings for breaking rules on your message board. These warnings show up in their mini-profile and can be added to at any time. Warnings can be set to decay so that they automatically decrease over time. You can see an overview of all members with warnings from your administration panel.
  • Security Log Every administration or moderation related activity performed on your forum creates a new entry in the security log. This log lets you see who and has done what on your forum; such as who deleted their own post or which member of your staff modified someone's profile. This log includes times and IP addresses for all actions and can be searched or filtered.

You can find our latest features and news announcements on our Announcements Board