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Key Features

In order to offer the best possible service we give users a wide variety of features.
Use the tabs to view more detailed feature information within each section:

  • Search Engine Friendly The URLs to each page on your forum are search engine friendly. They follow a directory structure and all topic page URLs include key-words relating to the subject.
    We produce a constantly updated sitemap.xml file of your message board which helps google (and other search engines) to index your boards and topics.
  • Daily Offsite Data Backups Every single day the forum databases (which contain all your forums vital data) are copied, compressed and then transferred to a different server in a different data center. This ensures that should anything happen (fingers crossed) we will always have an up-to-date copy of your forum which we can restore.
  • Full Keyword Search As well as specifying key words you can use advanced search options such as when it was posted, who it was posted by and where it was posted to find any post or topic made on your message board.
  • Paid Domain Hosting Option All forums come with a free sub-domain but you can pay a small fee to have this changed to your own domain name.
  • Paid Ad-Free Service Our service (like most others) is funded by advertisements shown on all free forums. It's the money from these advertisements which pay for the servers, their upkeep and maintenance of the forum software. However if you don't like these advertisements then you can pay to have them removed on a per-pageview basis.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth & Disk Space We strive to ensure that should your forum ever start to out-grow its server we will take care of setting up a new machine for you to be transferred to. So you need not worry about using too much disk space or bandwidth.
  • Site Stats We provide you with an instant activity overview so you can see how your forum is growing in terms of page views and posts made.
  • Unique API Interface Allows you to link your website with your forum, such as displaying data from your forum on your website or sharing user accounts across the two.
    • Retrieve Topic Data
    • Retrieve User Profile
    • Retrieve Users Online
    • Retrieve Forum Stats
    • Register New Users

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