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Key Features

In order to offer the best possible service we give users a wide variety of features.
Use the tabs to view more detailed feature information within each section:

  • Register New Account New users can signup a new account in just a few clicks. This registration process includes anti-spam techniques to prevent "bots" from registering.
  • Import Existing Account New users who already own an account on another vForum can have this account copied over to your forum. This allows them to transfer all of their preferences and settings quickly in just a few steps.
  • Member Groups Members can be assigned multiple member groups which determine which parts of the forum they can access.
  • Avatar Members can have an image displayed next to all of their posts and in their profile. Some use this as an opportunity to display a picture of themselves and others to use an image which represents them. Users can upload this image directly from their modify profile page.
  • Signature A signature is displayed after each post a member makes. Some use this to sign off each of their posts while others use it as a place to show off what they do. Either way, all members have the opportunity to hide signatures if they don't wish to see them.
  • Instant Messengers When a member adds their Instant Messenger addresses to their profile, these are turned into links which other users can use to start a conversation with them.
  • Password Reminders If you forget your password then there is a system in place which enables you to have it reset to something new.
  • Recent Posts In each member's profile a list of their most recent posts is maintained along with the ability to search for more posts made by this member.
  • User Reputation Each user can have a reputation ranging from 100 to -100. The users reputation is controlled by other members of the forum increasing or decreasing it.
  • Topic Notifications In a couple of clicks members can opt to receieve notification of when a reply is posted to a particular topic. This notification can be in the form of either a new private message or an e-mail.
  • Member List The members list shows everyone who has registered on your message board and allows you to filter this list in several ways:
    • View Staff Members
    • Search Members
    • Order by last activity
    • Order by date registered
  • Private Conversations Users can communicate with one another via private conversations. The only people able to read and reply these are those who have been invited.
    • Topic view of related messages
    • Send to Multiple Users
    • Email Notification of New Messages
    • Label Conversations
    • Message All Members
    • Block Users
    • Urgent Conversations
  • Pending Members If you wish to have more control over who is accessing your forum you can enable a pending members feature. This requires new members to be approved by a member of your staff before they get access to their account.

You can find our latest features and news announcements on our Announcements Board