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UBBC Guide
Text Formatting
UBBC Tag HTML Equivalent Description
[b] <b>, <strong> Makes text appear in a bolder/heavier font
[b]Hosted Forums[/b] => Hosted Forums
[i] <i>, <em> Italic font appears slanted to the right
[i]Free Message Boards[/i] => Free Message Boards
[u] <u> Underlines the text with a 1px line
[u]vForums[/u] => vForums
[s] <s>, <del>, <strike> Strikes or crosses through the text with a 1px line
[s]Paid Hosting[/s] => Paid Hosting
[h1] <h1> Heading 1 is used to help describe the document structure. It is normally used for the main title.
[h2] <h2> Heading 2 is used to help describe the document structure. It is normally used for sub-headings.
[h3] <h3> Heading 3 is used to help describe the document structure. It is normally used for other headings.
[p] <p> Starts a new paragraph
[br] <br /> Inserts a new line break. You can also start a new line break by pressing the "Enter" Key.
[sup] <sup> Superscript text is smaller and has a higher baseline
12[sup]th[/sup] July => 12th July
[sub] <sub> Subscript text is smaller and has a lower baseline
H[sub]2[/sub]O => H2O
[size=2] <font size="2"> Controls the size of the text. 2 is the standard font size.
[size=1]Small Size 1 Text[/size] => Small Size 1 Text
[font=verdana] <font family="verdana"> The font face used for the text must be installed on a users machine for them to be able to use it =>
[color=#CC0000] [green] <font color="#CC0000"> The color of the text can be specified either with a common word or a HEX color code
[gold]Gold Service[/gold] => Gold Service
<marquee> The text scrolls across the screen from right to left.
If you specify a number, it controls how fast the text moves.


Embedded Content
UBBC Tag HTML Equivalent Description
[url] <a> A link which opens in a new browser window
[]Google[/url] => Google
[link] <a> A link which opens in the current browser window
[link][/link] =>
<a> A link which opens in the users email client
[email]user@domain.ext[/email] => user@domain.ext
[img width=200 height=200]
[img alt="My Image"]
<img> Embeds an image which you can specify the width, height and/or alt text. At this time you must host the image elsewhere
[img alt="free forums"][/img] => free forums
[flash width=200 height=150]
<embed>, <object> This enables you to embed YouTube or Google Video units. You would enter either the URL of the videos page, the URL of the video itself or its ID.

Page Layout
UBBC Tag HTML Equivalent Description
<ul>, <ol> Displays either a bulleted (default) or numbered list of items. Items are added to the list using the [*] tag (below)
[*] <li> This is an item within a list (above). You can have as many items within a list and can have new lists within items.
  1. Free
  2. Hosted
  3. Forums
[hr] <hr /> Inserts a horizontal rule to split a post into two parts. [hr] =>
[blockquote] <blockquote> Indents the text. This is often used for showing extracts of text.
[center] <center> Centers the text to the middle of the post.
[center]Hosted Forums[/center] =>
Hosted Forums
[right width=200]
[left width=200]
<p> Text aligned to the right or left of the post. If you specify a width the css "float" attribute will be used to help give advanced layouts.
[right]My Text[/right] =>
My Text
[clear] <br style=
"clear: both;" />
This is used to move the next floating element onto a new line.
[pre] <pre> Preformatted text which displays repeated spaces between words
[pre]Some    Spaced       Text[/pre] =>
Some    Spaced       Text
[table width=750]
<table> Opens a new table. You can specify the width of this table (in px or %) or a default of 80% will be used. Tables require a number of table rows and table cells (below)
[tr] <tr> Starts a new table row. Table rows contain table cells (below)
[td colspan=3]
[td rowspan=2]
<td>, <th> Starts a new table cell. Table cells contain the text you wish to display.
[table width=150]
         [td colspan=2]Table Title[/td]
         [td rowspan=2]Cell 1[/td]
         [td]Cell 2[/td]
         [td]Cell 3[/td]
Table Title
Cell 1 Cell 2
Cell 3

UBBC Tag Description
[user] Enables you to link to a users profile showing the current name color and display name.
[user]admin[/user] => Ross
[noubbc] Enables you to display raw UBBC code
[noubbc][b]Bold Text[/b][/noubbc] => [b]Bold Text[/b]
Creates a code box which attempts to highlight the code based on the language (html, css, js or php). The code box shows line numbers and will enable a user to select all the contents
[time] Converts a Unix timestamp to a readable time in the users local timezone.
[time]1230224400[/time] => 25th Dec 08 at 6:00pm
[anchor] Inserts an anchor tag with a name attribute. This can be linked to via a [link] or [url] tag so the users browser scrolls to the specified position.
[anchor]free[/anchor] => <a name="free"></a>